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The key to our success as a business, and more importantly in our friendship, is the balance between our personalities, “she’s the ying to my yang!” We each have our strong suits & have been friends long enough to know when it’s time to step up &  make the calls or step back & assist.
How We Do What We Do: Obsessions
What everyone wants to know is why we’re different-what sets us apart?  The truth is simple: we OBSESS over a theme. Once we have an idea on lockdown we live and breathe to fulfill not just your vision but our vision! It doesn’t have to be a huge venue with hundreds of guests, we can style out a small intimate gathering with the same enthusiasm! 
Not to be basic but being Maui girls & growing up with a strong sense of ohana, we get attached, we make connections, we want to see the progression, we want to be a part of your family. We want to be a part of the bridal shower that turns into the wedding, we want to be a part of the baby shower that turns into the first birthday and high school graduation. Connections are everything, we’re local girls with the local connections and we are looking to establish that relationship with our clients.

Obsessed with the details

First and foremost I’m a mama.  My work ethic & vision for all events are based off of what I would want for my sons, and it’s nothing but the best!  #GOALS  I carry that nurturing characteristic into my relationships, personal & professional.  My esthetic is really based on satisfaction, truly the bottom line is not as important as knowing that I did everything I could to make the event a success.  Enter OBSESSION.  I bring the creative ideas, that EXTRA sparkle - I can visualize the party as a whole then break down how each detail needs to be executed to complete the dream.  All I need is a theme & I’m off & running.  “I got your back!”


Kellie Iniba
Event Planner & Designer

We got this!

As a fun-sized event planner, I live for the client’s reaction!  Anything I can do to elicit a smile, or dare I say a tear, is the real goal for me.  I believe that my strength lies in my eye for detail (hence the name) & a head for numbers (keeping the budget in check).  My life is inspired by Disney & I enjoy living my fairy tale with my awesome hubby, Rich.  #DisneyIsLife
Shawna Pabingwit
Event Planner & Designer
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